Toyoda plant launches Well-Safe Jackpot software

T.G. Missouri, with 1,800 employees is on the way to lowering health care costs! T.G. is a Toyoda parts manufacturer based in Perryville, Missouri. T.G. manufactures automotive parts specializing in high quality plastic and urethane products....
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Tyson Foods Reports Success with Online Portal

Tyson launched the Jackpot online portal back in November of 2012. Goals included improved health & safety, attendance, and quality. They also had a goal of lessening administrative time. All have been accomplished in quick order. “We selected the 100% electronic format which has decreased admin time from 2 hours...
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Well-Safe Jackpot Boosts Participation!

I wanted to take the time to thank your company for such a well–designed program for Wellness. I thought we had a pretty successful program before but since we started the Well-Safe Jackpot our participation is up and our employees are motivated . From-the administrative standpoint-we like that it is all internet based,...
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