Super Clean Interface


Engage your employees in wellness and safety participation… Don’t drive them away with a complicated wellness and safety portal. You’ve seen it a thousand times… Wellness and safety programs that “require” employees to log into a website which overwhelms them with wellness and safety information, gadgets, tools, coupons, articles and requirements which then leads to the employee throwing their hands up in the air, causing them to Not participate.

Well-Safe Jackpot is a different program. It’s clean, easy to understand and fun to play. It’s “proactive” instead of “reactive”. Employees are emailed proactively for wellness and safety activities and invited to visit the portal right from their email.


  • Easy to understand
  • Employees can “get their head around it”
  • Uses pro-active email & texting to communicate
  • Promotion is built in
  • Simple to Administer
  • Wellness and safety activities, trackers, rewards and HRA are all on one page
  • Fun to Play!